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Clean Tech Co.,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing and selling high pressure cleaners and high pressure pumps. In regards to this, we also design and manufacure ultra high pressure cleaners, ultra high pressure pumps, hydraulic testers, cleaning facility pump units.
Those cleaners are used in various fields, including washing of electronics items, manufacture areas, deburring machines, barnacles removing in vessels, farms and fisheries, in daily lives, IBC tanks cleaning, etc.
We take this chance to introduce cleaning heads for industrial washing of containers. These 3D nozzles - rotating 360 degrees up and down, left to right - can clean every corner which you cannot reach using high pressure cleaners in general. These nozzles are totally different from previous ones. Their ranges vary from 30Lpm/150bar to 200Lpm/200bar to 60Lpm/500bar with high pressure and high water output, powered by water motor or electric motor.

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